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In environmental management, we have been working to reduce our in-house environmental footprint since 1997. We have been certified to the EMAS and EN ISO 14001 standards since 2001. The sustainability report 2009 complies with EMAS III standards.

Our services are evaluated annually against environmental criteria by the respective departments, using the list of OeKB services.

Improving steadily

Environmental management teams review the results of this stock-taking and devise ways to promote the continuous improvement of environmental performance. For example, OeKB is taking action to harmonise the environmental assessment in international operations.  


Sustainability criteria are also incorporated in investment decisions.
Although the in-house processes of a service provider such as OeKB appear inherently less significant in this context than do those of manufacturing businesses, the environmental impact of services in absolute terms can still be considerable. For instance, OeKB's annual paper consumption equals the height of the world’s highest buildings. Similarly, our carbon dioxide output meets that of many households combined.


Waste heat of the mainframes (actually, it is the waste heat of the devices cooling down the mainframes) is used for heating the employees restaurant and the hall as well as hot water pre-heating.

Plant rooms and vaults need all-year-cooling because of thermal loads. With an outside temperature below 12 degrees, cooling is done exclusively by surrounding air ("free cooling") without chillers, refrigerators or air conditioning.


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OeKB & Sustainability
OeKB & Sustainability