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  Complaint Mechanism 

Feedback on OeKB services and service quality is important to us in terms of the continued success of OeKB Group. Our OeKB Group Integrated Report 2013 being certified according to GRI-G4 standards, we have put in place this official complaint mechanism to supplement previous options to make contact or provide feedback.


If you are seeking a dialogue with us, your best option is to use this form or to send us an e-mail about your concerns. You will promptly receive an initial response. If you wish to remain anonymous, omit your e-mail address in the online form or use postal services, instead.


The more details you include, the better we can respond to your problem or critic.


  • Online form
  • E-mail to
  • Postal address
    Oesterreichische Kontrollbank AG
    Corporate Communications
    Strauchgasse 3
    1011 Vienna

What happens to your feedback

Depending on the nature of the matter, we will forward your complaint or concern to the competent colleagues in the house. We will make sure to reply quickly, providing you with an answer or suggesting a solution.


Marketing & Corporate Communications

Tel. +43 1 53127-2859

Fax +43 1 53127-5698

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