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  Management System 

Our management system complies with the requirements of EMAS and ISO 14001. The original environmental management system has been extended by social and economic components.

The project team created upon the introduction of the familyandcareer audit in 2005 engages on a regular basis in formulating objectives concerning the compatibility of career and family life. These objectives have been included in the sustainability programme.

After the implementation plan had been drawn up, the project team was incorporated into the Sustainability team operations where, on a regular basis,

it provides impulses to the sustainability management for the further

development of social responsibility. Having been awarded the basic certificate under the familyandcareer audit as early as in 2006, OeKB was awarded the full certificate by the Federal Minister of Economy, Family and Youth in the business year 2009.


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OeKB & Sustainability
OeKB & Sustainability