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  Sustainability policy 

The epitome of all responsibility is that of humans for their fellow humans.

Hans Jonas



We provide many central services to the Austrian economy and to the Austrian government. We consider this a social duty, which we strive to fulfil to the joint benefit of the general public and our Company.

Sustainable planning and acting

We want to confirm and strengthen the trust that is put in us. Hence, in addition to all legal requirements, we observe social aspects, preserve environmental resources, and act in a manner, which ensures that human rights are protected.


We know that our success can only continue if we respect all stakeholders.
Therefore, we explain our actions, seek the dialogue and take decisions according to the complete perspective.


We know that sustainable solutions equally benefit employees, customers and suppliers. In joint projects, we seek to enhance sustainability in our core business, improve our environmental performance and increase acceptance of this approach.

Life and work   

Work, leisure and family should properly complement and enhance one another. We constructively design an innovative work environment that strengthens our employees, hence our economic power.

Investments and projects

We invest time, money and commitment in projects that ensure our Company’s and our stakeholders’ success in the long term.



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OeKB & Sustainability
OeKB & Sustainability