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Stakeholders hold a key function in a sustainable company. Their claims and interests are defined in their role with regard to OeKB. We try to counter any conflict of objectives between the claims of the various stakeholders by making our information as transparent as possible and with active dialogue.


Using differing viewpoints in order to get added value and economic opportunities from the synthesis is a challenge in a slowly but sustainably changing society. Trying out ambitious new ways and not shirking a certain amount of own risk, creates credibility and trustworthiness, and in the end also minimises risks.


At OeKB the most important stakeholders were defined by brainstorming and placed into groups. Points were awarded to these groups for relevance with regard to the sustainability report and business relevance.


Thus OeKB seeks dialogue with all stakeholder groups. The palette of events was large, the mixture of people attending was colourful.





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