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  Stock Listed Issuer Notification / OAM Issuer Info 

OAM Issuer Info is a central source for information from Austrian issuers.

Within the implementation of the EU directive 2004/109/EC in Austria (amendment to Stock Exchange law Section 86), OeKB acts a Officially Appointed Mechanism (OAM). Therefore OAM Issuer Info was established as a system for central storage of regulated information on Austrian issuers. 


The purpose of OAM Issuer Info is to receive, store and make available regulated information. All documents are stored at OAM Issuer Info which allows structured and failsafe access. At the documents are available for download free of charge in their original format.

Online platform with E-Mail Service free of charge

OAM Issuer Info offers simple and unrestricted access for all interested parties and search-, download- and print functions. The Mail Service supplies investors and other interested parties with relevant information in an even faster and easier way. Registered users get an e-mail-alert as soon as an infomation matching their search criteria is uploaded to OAM Issuer Info. They can open the corresponding document simply using the link provided.

Your advantages 
  • Free-of-charge, simple and unrestricted access to original documents
  • Searches and queries without registration or software installation
  • Flexible facilities for searching for documents, issuers etc.
  • E-Mail Service: Utility for automatic alerting via e-mail when selected information becomes available
  • Download functionality
  • Print functionality
  • Data storage for a minimum of 10 years guaranteed 
Regulated information 

According to the amendment to Section 86 Stock Exchange law from April 2007 OAM Issuer Info serves as the officially appointed system for the central storage of regulated information. It aims at harmonising transparency requirements relating to information on issuers with a reporting obligation which are issuers whose securities are traded on a regulated market.

Optional reports 

In addition to mandatory information like financial reports or ad-hoc reports issuers have the possibility to submit a range of optional report such as announcements or results of general meetings as well as corporate actions like interest rate adjustments. These documents are also made available for download from OAM Issuer Info.


OAM Issuer Info Service Center
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Tel. +43 1 53127-2300

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