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  ISIN allocation and directory 

OeKB allocates ISINs for the worldwide identification of Austrian securities.

OeKB allocates ISINs in Austria 

In its role as the National Numbering Agency for the allocation of ISINs, OeKB assigns an International Securities Identification Number (ISIN) to every security. These numbers ensure that all Austrian securities can be identified uniquely worldwide. The allocation of consecutive ISINs is free of charge.


Sequential alphanumeric ISINs were introduced on 1 January 2006. Since then the core of the ISIN can consist of any numbers and/or letters.


Blocks of numbers can be reserved in advance, and "vanity ISINs" are also available.

Numeric blocks

The booking of a numeric block includes the reservation of a certain amount of consecutive ISINs (10, 50, 100 or 200) for an issuer and his issuing program. The applicant receives a confirmation of the Securities Data Service Center that the ISIN for the next issuing will be taken from this numeric block.


The reservation of a numeric block does not absolve the issuer from the liability to deliver the necessary basic information which is a requirement for the allocation of an ISIN.

Vanity ISINs by request

OeKB also offers vanity ISINs by request. The core of the ISIN, the 9-digit basic-number, consists of either numbers or letters or a combination of both chosen by the applicant.


The requirements for the assignment of an ISIN also apply in these cases. OeKB reserves the right to decline the application for an ISIN by request without stating any reasons.


Due to the increased work for numeric blocks and ISINs by request a fee will be charged.

Requesting ISINs via online client or XML-interface

Issuers use the web application ISIN Services for requesting an ISIN. They can enter data manually - by entering the required information in the appropriate fields. Or they transmit data - to any number of ISINs - using a CSV-file. In a journal, issuers can also track the status of the ISIN allocation or view historical requests. The ISIN Services are available through the OeKB Login Portal (, the central access to IT-supported OeKB services.


In addition, there is the possibility to send ISIN requests and –modifications in the standardised XML-format via an IT-interface. The same interface can be used to transmit notifications for the New-Issue Calender to the Notification Office under Capital Markets Act as well as notifications of new bond issues to OAM Issuer Info.


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