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  Issuer Information Center 

Central source for information from Austrian issuers.

Within the framework of implementing the EU directive 2004/109/EC in Austria, Oesterreichische Kontrollbank AG was assigned to establish a system for central storage of regulated information on Austrian issuers (amendment to Section 86 Stock Exchange law). OeKB acts as the officially appointed storage system and operates this system named Issuer Information Center.


The purpose of the Issuer Information Center is to receive, store and make available regulated information. Issuers transfer their data via OeKB's web-based Issuer Information Upload.


Subsequently, the documents are forwarded to the Issuer Information Center where all documents are available in a structured and failsafe environment. At the documents are available for download free of charge in their original format.


Further information on notifications of stock listed issuers 


Further information on data of stock listed issuers  


OAM Issuer Info Service Center
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