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International framework for exports

Amid the increasing globalisation of trade, international co-operation is an important success factor for exporters.

The export credit agencies (ECAs) owned or supported by governments work closely together at several levels. Thus, they not only collaborate on specific projects, but also foster fair competition through internationally accepted agreements and the extensive exchange of information and experience.

Rescheduling at the Paris Club

The Paris Club is another important international network. When a country faces payment difficulties, it may ask its official creditors for a restructuring of its payment obligations, a Rescheduling. On behalf of the Austrian Ministry of Finance OeKB bilaterally implements such rescheduling agreements within Austria.

Austrian legal framework

The business operations of the OeKB Export Services are mainly based on the Export Guarantees Act ("AusfFG"), the Export Guarantees Decree and the Export Financing Guarantees Act ("AFFG").


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