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  Minimising the Risks Involved in Exports and Investment Abroad   

There are two core products available for risk hedging:

  • Export guarantees – for risks abroad, such as payment default of the buyer caused, for instance, by political instability, shortage of foreign exchange or insolvency and/or
  • Avals (guarantees for bills of exchange) for domestic risks, such as the insolvency of the exporter or the exporter's own bank

By assuming liability in the form of export guarantees and avals, the Austrian government limits the risks for companies that export goods or invest abroad. OeKB is mandated by the Republic of Austria to offer and process such export guarantees, thus acting as its Export Credit Agency (ECA).

Hedging and access to funding

Export guarantees keep the consequences of non-payment in export transactions manageable. They protect companies in case their buyers are not able to pay, due to economic or political reasons. Similarly, in the case of investment projects abroad, investors are covered against political risks.

These export guarantees provided by the government also offer attractive access to funding for export transactions and investments. To find the suitable type of guarantee for your specific export transactions and investment projects, please contact the OeKB Export Services or your bank.


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