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  Information on the Login Portal 

In its capacity as the central infrastructure provider for Austria's export industry and capital market, OeKB Group operates a range of online systems. Business transactions can be carried out in an efficient manner through these online systems. The Login Portal provides central access to various applications and useful functionalities, such as easy management of Users and User Rights, a task list and a journal.

  11 April 2014: Password change due to security reasons

A weakness in SSL encryption used by various enterprises to setup secure internet connections was fixed. more

    List of accessible services

    The number of services accessible via the Login Portal will increase as time goes by. Go to Overview of available services

    Functions and advantages

    • Single login – Users can access several applications with one single login and one user name.
    • Central data journal – provides transparency: all reports and activities that are carried out and issued throughout the company are documented in a data journal.
    • Overview of tasks – outstanding and completed tasks can be reviewed in the task list at any time. 
    • Optional e-mail notification – the system sends out e-mails reminding you of outstanding tasks or missing documents. 
    • Easy User management by in-house Administrators – creating new Users and editing the User Rights of existing Users is fast and easy.


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