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  Which services are available via 

Service more information Company Token mandatory
Account Information

more on Account Information

ADAS (Austrian Direct Auction System) more on
Austrian government bond auctions
OeKB yes
Asset Servicing Client more on the
Asset Servicing Client
OeKB CSD yes
EFV Reporting (in German only)

Reports on data from OeKB's Export Financing Scheme
more on EFV Reporting 

(in German only)

OeKB no
ISIN Services (in German only)

more on ISIN Services  

OeKB no
OAM Issuer Info (in German only)

Notifications of stock listed issuers

more on OAM Issuer Info

OeKB no
Online Export Financing (OLEF)

more on Online Export Financing (OLEF)

OeKB yes
Online Export Guarantees (in German only) more on Online Export Guarantees OeKB  no
    Online Notification Office

more on the
Transmission- and Deposit System (TDS)

more on the New-Issue Calendar

OeKB no
Upload Client for Fund Data

Notification of fund reporting data

more on Fund Data

OeKB no
Settlement Client more on the
Settlement Client
OeKB CSD yes


What does "Token mandatory" mean?

This service requires a 2-factor authentication to log in to the OeKB Login Portal. The user needs authentication by RSA Key Fob Token or SMS Token in addition to User name and password. 

RSA Key Fob Token:

You receive an RSA Key Fob and a PIN from OeKB. For authentication enter your User name, password, PIN and the figure generated by your RSA Key Fob Token, which changes at 60-second intervals.

SMS Token: 

You disclose your mobile phone number. For authentication enter your User name, password and PIN, and receive a figure ("token") via SMS to complete the login.


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