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  Introducing Austria´s more flexible National Content Policy 

Since end of 2016 more flexible national content rules are applicable in Austria. An article, published in the latest edition of Berne Union’s Newsletter The BUlletin deals with motives, developments and impacts of the adaption of Austria’s policy.

Globalization progresses and international production sharing is increasing foreign inputs in exports. In spite of its relatively small economy, Austria is a very active participant in the international exchange of goods and services. An ever increasing number of Austrian companies started to face difficulties with pursuing and participating in potential export projects because of OeKB's stringent national content policy.

As a consequence the Austrian Federal Ministry of Finance and OeKB changed the policy end of 2016. Under the new rules a lower minimum national content may be sufficient to get deals financed: to benefit from OeKB’s unrestricted cover, a project’s Austrian value added only needs to exceed 25% of the total export contract value, instead of 50% previously. Stronger emphasis is now put on economic aspects such as local employment.

Ferdinand Schipfer from OeKB explains the reasons for this new regulation and the impact on the Austrian export economy in an article published recently in Berne Union’s newsletter The BUlletin.

The BUlletin is a bi-monthly digest of news, views and statistics from the global export credit and investment insurance industry.

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