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  Economic & Business Research 

Solution approaches as the basis for your corporate decisions

Our main areas of expertise:

  • data research - including primary research,
  • evaluation, modelling and analysis of the data and information,
  • strategic consulting.


We always work exclusively for you - our client. We first draft the research design according to your tasks profile. Our methodical spectrum, which draws upon the data collection and analysis process, is multifaceted and undergoes continuous development. We set no thematic or regional limits and are always ready to pursue unconventional approaches to satisfy your needs in the best possible way.


Our range of services include the following:

  • market potential analyses and business segment analyses
  • country analyses & scoring
  • opportunity & feasibility studies
  • location research and evaluation
  • primary research on specific key issues
  • corporate & competitive intelligence

Market potential analyses and business segment analyses

 We compile future development scenarios for you on

  • economies
  • markets
  • sectors and industries
  • new business segments.


You receive

  • concrete approaches for your regional strategies,
  • options for action for your strategic positioning in individual markets, sectors or new business areas.

Country analyses & scoring

We support you in your regional market cultivation strategies and develop scoring models, which evaluate countries according to their specific market potential, and rank these according to their attractiveness for market entry. The scoring model is supplemented by an analysis of the results, which, for instance, also includes concise country reports for the best-ranked markets.

Opportunity & feasibility studies

Based on the UNIDO software COMFAR, we evaluate the feasibility of

  • greenfield projects or other types of investment projects,
  • joint ventures,
  • business acquisitions.


We develop various scenarios and assess the economic effects of large projects. At the forefront of project-specific feasibility studies, we compile opportunity studies to evaluate - at a very early stage - potential and chances for the international project business in a target country.

Location research and evaluation

Our focus is on location-relevant factors, as well as the evaluation of the location policy of a country. We obtain evaluations and assessments from a qualified enterprise target group via primary research.


Based on a structured analysis of the survey results, we consolidate the compiled evaluation by means of a portfolio method. Thereby you receive differentiated views on the attractiveness of an economic area at a glance. Where appropriate, we supplement our research with recommendations for political decision makers.

Primary research on specific key issues

OeKB Research Services implements the method of primary research to generate data directly at source for your individual issues. The concept of primary research is always carried out in close co-ordination with you. You specify the guidelines - particularly the breadth and depth of the survey. You will receive

  • current and near-market data,
  • data that, because of its genuineness, is of particularly high significance for you.

Corporate & competitive intelligence

We specifically research data and information at company level and in the immediate environment of the company: we compile comprehensive profiles for individual enterprises that you focus on. We aggregate the data and information and subsequently analyse these for individual segments (i.e. customers, competitors).

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