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  OeKB CEE Business Climate Index 

The leading indicators we have calculated provide CEE players with a reliable instrument, which allows them to identify trends or trend reversals in Central and Eastern Europe at an early stage.


We carry out a survey four times per year among 400 companies with their headquarters in Austria, from where they manage a total of 1,900 business units in the CEE region. The main focus is on the experiences, evaluations and expectations of these globally active companies with regard to economy and business development in the region. We consolidate and structure the findings to produce numerous leading indicators, which allow detailed forecasts to be made.


Specifically, the individual indicators focus on:

  • economic perspecitves in 12 Central Eastern European countries *
  • business performance of on site companies - divided into

   -   current business situation

   -   business expectations

   -   business climate

  • investment strategies with regard to the expansion of existing business units or entry into new markets
  • sector economy and perspectives of ten economic sectors **
  • Austria's expected export development in the Central and Eastern Europe region
  • the attractiveness of Austria's location as a hub to the CEE economic region


Further details on methodology

Your advantage - the "Index" offers you

  • a forecasting tool for economic and sector trends,
  • the basis for the conception of country strategies, i.e. of asset managers,
  • the basis for your strategic business planning and positioning in Central and Eastern Europe,
  • a benchmarking tool for your business performance measurement in comparison to defined peer groups,
  • a control mechanism to be best prepared for potential risks.

Worldwide sales & procurements possibilities

The indices are distributed globally through Thomson Reuters. Additionally, we analyse the survey results at sector and country level and produce concise quarterly reports on the situation and development in the region.


Regarding special questions on location or regional sector trends we conduct special evaluations tailored to individual clients' needs.

Please contact us if you are interested in a quarterly report or an individual evaluation




  • * Bosnia Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine
  • ** Manufacturing, electricity, gas and water, construction, trade, transport, banking, insurance, real estate, business services, other services






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