You will find the latest results of Austrian government bond auctions in the table below. Should you wish to get information concerning the results of government bond auctions and historical results for syndicated issues of government bonds, you can download a chronological list on this page.

Government Bond Auction - 10 December 2019

Bond 8th fungible tranche of the 0.50% Bundesanleihe 2019-2029/1  
ISIN AT0000A269M8
Auction date competitive / non-competitive 10 December 2019 / 11 December 2019
Settlement date 12 December 2019
Redemption 20 February 2029
Term to maturity 9 years 70 days
Amount to be issued 400 mn Euro (competitive), plus 60 mn Euro (quota of the Bund), plus eventual non-competitive amount
Coupon date 20 February, next coupon date: 20 February 2020
Accrued interest 0.424657534... % for 310 days


Historical results of government bond issues

Download the list of all results of government bond issues since 1999. The Excel list contains auction results as well as results for syndicated issues of government bonds.

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