You can query all newly issued ISIN in Austria online via the OeKB financial data portal: OeKB Profitweb. You will also find international ISIN for all financial instruments listed on the Vienna Stock Exchange.

Your Situation

You are a financial service provider, a data provider, a regulatory body, or an investor and want to be able to search for new ISIN, request deletions from the ISIN, or make changes to the ISIN data.

ISIN is an abbreviation for “International Securities Identification Number” and is an international identification number for securities. With a twelve-digit combination of letters and numbers, every security around the world can be clearly identified. Trading stocks, for example, is impossible without an ISIN.

Our Service

Find all newly issued ISIN in Austria with our online search on the OeKB financial services portal: There are numerous search parameters to allow you to quickly receive the desired information. The most frequently used applications in the ISIN search are:

  • The daily requests of newly issued ISIN
  • Tracking data changes in ISIN
  • Querying deleted ISIN


Newly issued ISIN can be queried free of charge for one month. However, searching the entire database is not free of charge.

In addition to searching the ISIN directory, we offer a custom data service consisting of new and historic ISIN which corresponds exactly to your needs. The individually compiled data can be provided in a variety of ways - from email to online applications, and FTP to individually adapted interfaces. For individual data solutions, please contact our securities data service centre.

The advantages:

Professional services

You receive the ISIN directory directly from the authority that issues ISIN.

Special data

You receive data deliveries tailored to your needs.

Free query

Newly issued ISIN can be queried free of charge for one month.

How you apply for an ISIN

Austrian ISIN are issued by the OeKB. Aside from the free ISIN with a sequential number, you can also request a custom ISIN and reserve ISIN blocks.
ISIN allocation


If you require further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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