Should your international client demand a bank guarantee, your bank requires a security. With an OeKB guarantee by aval, the Republic of Austria assumes part of the domestic risk.

With an export guarantee, you can also protect yourself against political risks and potential economic risks (unfair calling).

Fact Sheet Assumption of risk for bank guarantees

Your situation

You are an Austrian company and your foreign business client requires a bank guarantee:

  •  Bid bond
  •  Down-payment bond
  •  Performance bond
  •  Warranty bond

Our service: We take on guarantees by aval

When you receive a bank guarantee (aval) from your bank, it can burden your credit line which can limit your financial leeway.

With a guarantee by aval, we take on some of your bank’s risk – usually 20 to 50%. This increases your liquidity and security.

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Your benefits:

Greater financial flexibility

A guarantee by aval increases your financial flexibility.

Few hurdles

Even possible for small contract amounts.

Comprehensively useful

Available for single avals or framework Avals.

The costs

Aval fee 0.2 % bis 0.5 % p.a
Processing fee one-time 0.1% of the requested amount granted (minimum 10 euro, maximum 720 euro)
Interest rate according to INTEREST RATE OVERVIEW

In addition to the costs due to the OeKB, your principal bank may charge you additional costs. OeKB has no influence on these costs.

How to get a guarantee by aval

  1. You bank makes an application – ideally through our Online services or in writing by mail or email.
  2. We check the application and submit it to the advisory board.
  3. After a positive appraisal by the advisory board, the Republic of Austria assumes liability and your bank receives the export guarantee.
  4. Benefit from our attractive financing conditions.

Even more safety with an export guarantee

While a guarantee by aval partially covers the domestic risk, we can also protect your bank guarantee against political risks and eventual unfair callings.

If, for example, a bank guarantee is lawfully exercised (fair calling) because an embargo that is binding on Austria against your buyer country makes fulfilling the contract impossible, we can take on the political risks affecting your bank guarantees.

The guarantee G7 is thus a perfect addition to a guarantee for deliveries and services, G1, which protects your project from the production phase to the last payment.

Find out more about the guarantee G1 here:

The costs

Handling fee  0.1% of the sum insured
(minimum 10 euro, maximum 720 euro)
Prämie The premiums are dependent on the political risk in the target country, the creditworthiness of the foreign contractual partner or their guarantor and the term.
Country information
Premium calculator

In the case of economic coverage, a supplement of at least 10% is added to the premium.

Forms required for applying for an aval

Annual accounts for the last two years

Please send us your balance sheets for the last two years along with the forms. You can easily do that via the Electronic Balance Transfer (eBT).

Electronic Balance Transfer (eBT)

Alternatively, you can also enter your balance sheet information in the balance sheet overview.

Setting up bank credit

Additional forms

Application form for the export guarantee

Should you also wish to protect yourself against political risks and unfair callings, please also apply for the guarantee G7.

Any more questions?

If you require more detailed information or an individual consultation, please do not hesitate to contact us.
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Claim processing

If your rights under bank guarantees covered by a federal guarantee are threatened with withdrawal or non-payment due to political events, please contact us immediately.