Promising foreign investment needs well thought-out risk management. An important part of this is a participation guarantee from OeKB. With this, we cover the political risk of your investments, even in difficult markets. For your bank, a participation guarantee is the basis for attractive financing since we bear part of the risk.

Fact sheet guarantee for investments abroad

Your situation

As an Austrian company, you are purchasing shares in an existing foreign company or one in the process of being founded, or you are giving an investment-like loan. You want to protect your investments against political risks in the target country.

Our service: Certainty thanks to a participation guarantee

With the participation guarantee, the G4 guarantee, you can protect yourself against the risk that you will no longer be able to operate your foreign company due to political reasons or expropriation. The guarantee is characterised by a high coverage ratio of up to 100% of the book value of your investments.

The perfect complement: G4 guarantee with a guarantee by aval

In addition to the coverage of political risk with the G4 guarantee, you can also reduce domestic risk with a guarantee by aval, thereby creating the foundation for optimal financing. To keep the administrative effort and the costs to a minimum, we offer the combination product guarantee by aval/G4.

You can find further information on this on the page “Financing foreign investments".

Covering the political risks of your foreign Investments with the G4 guarantee.
Covering the political risks of your foreign Investments with the G4 guarantee.

What can be insured?

The G4 participation guarantee is intended for markets in which a political risk exists. As a rule, these are non-OECD and non-EU countries.

Country information

If a G4 guarantee is offered for your target country, we can insure minority interests as well as investments that are 100% under your ownership. It does not matter whether you are investing capital or making contributions in kind.

We support permanent investments as well as investment-like loans to be re-payed.

Positive effect on Austria’s current account balance

In general, foreign investments by Austrian companies have an advantageous effect on the Austrian current account balance. For us, this prospect is an important prerequisite for assuming risk with a participation guarantee.

Criteria for evaluating the effect on the current account balance

  • You are expanding the export opportunities of your Austrian-made products.
  • By outsourcing manufacturing steps, you are reducing your costs and therefore remaining internationally competitive.
  • This allows you to sell your know-how or collect license fees.
  • You can expect profits or dividends from your participation.

Your benefits


Depending on the target country, we offer high coverage ratios of up to 100%.


The G4 guarantee offers high performance for a relatively low premium.


We cover terms of up to 25 years and politically difficult countries.

The costs for the G4 guarantee

Processing fee 0.1% of the sum insured
(minimum 10 euro, maximum 720 euro)
Premium for the respective country
0.2-1% p.a
The premium depends on the OECD classification of the target country.
Country information


Your path to protecting your foreign investments

  1. You/your bank submit(s) an application – ideally through our Online services or in writing by mail or e-mail.
  2. We check your application and submit it to the advisory board.
  3. After positive appraisal by the advisory board, the Republic of Austria assumes liability and you/your bank receive(s) your export guarantee.
  4. Benefit from our attractive financing conditions.

As an exporter, you can apply for the guarantee for your investments abroad directly from us.

If you do not wish to make the application using our online export service, please download the application form, fill it in and send it to the Export Services Service Centre by post or by email. Please also take note of our Terms & Conditions.

Application form for the G4 guarantee (only in German)
Terms & Conditions for G4 participation guarantees
Application combined G4 guarantee with aval (only in German)
Notice of assignment

Additional forms

If you are already an OeKB customer, you may not need the forms below if you have already submitted them to us for previous export guarantee applications.

If you are a new customer, as a service we offer you all forms that are required for the guarantee application, such as the confirmation of acknowledgement of the Terms & Conditions or generally useful documents such as the form for the SEPA direct debit mandate. 

Our Service Centre is happy to advise you as to which forms you need in addition.

Acknowledgement of the Terms & Conditions guarantee G4 (only in German)
SEPA direct debit mandate

Conveniently apply for export guarantees online

Using the login portal, you can apply for and manage export guarantees online. If you already have access to the login portal, you can simply apply for the online export guarantees service. Should you not yet have access, please use the second form.

Registration for online export guarantees (only in German)
Registration for online export guarantees and login portal (only in German)

Any more questions?

If you require more detailed information or an individual consultation, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Client Advisory Export Services
T +43 1 53127-2600

Attractive financing for foreign investments

With the combined product guarantee by Aval/G4, you optimise the financing of your foreign investments.

In addition to protecting your investment, we can also offer you attractive financing for your investment project using the means of the export financing scheme.
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Claim processing

If a foreign investment that you have protected with a federal guarantee gets into trouble, please contact us immediately.
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