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19th December, 2017 From 18:00 Time

Die zentrale Rolle, die der Populismus in der politischen Arena der westlichen Gesellschaften spielt, wirft wichtige Fragen auf, die das Zusammenspiel von wirtschaftlichen und politischen Systemen sowie die Nachhaltigkeit der gegenwärtigen liberalen demokratischen Strukturen betreffen. Was ist das Wesen der Ehe zwischen Kapitalismus und Demokratie und weitere Fragen beantwortet, Martin Wolf, Chief Econo­mics Commen­tator, The Finan­cial Times.


Public Lecture des Depart­ments für Volks­wirt­schaft

The central role played by popu­lism in the poli­tical arena of Western socie­ties raises important ques­tions concerning the inter­ac­tion of economic and poli­tical systems, as well as the sustaina­bi­lity of current liberal demo­cratic struc­tures. What is the nature of the marriage between capi­ta­lism and demo­cracy? Can it endure? If so, what changes are needed? These are the ques­tions to be addressed in this lecture, which will discuss the complex history of the rela­ti­onship between free-­market capi­ta­lism and demo­cracy, consider how the current stresses between the two have deve­l­oped and assess whether and how this rela­ti­onship might be restored to health.



The Crisis of Democratic Capitalism


Keynote Speaker:
Martin Wolf, Chief Econo­mics Commen­tator, The Finan­cial Times
Datum: 19. Dezember 2017
Uhrzeit: 18:00 Uhr
Ort: Festsaal 1, Campus WU, Gebäude LC, Festsaal 1