The eBT is quickly and easily integrated into most standard accounting software systems. The structure for the transmission follows the BRZ scheme, which is expanded by some specific additional information.

eBT geared towards the BRZ Scheme

The balance transfer scheme is oriented towards that of the Bundesrechenzentrum (BRZ) for the transmission of annual financial statements via FinanzOnline (ERV-Jab structure). The data is transmitted via an XML interface.

Expansions of Basic Structure

The basic structure will be expanded for the eBT to include a few additional pieces of information helpful for credit assessment. In addition, the balance transfer scheme will maintain a structure to enable the standardised transmission of analysis responses: a short presentation of both the balance and profit and loss account as per the evaluation of the respective bank, as well as rating information.

Regular Adjustment to Basic Structure

Relevant adjustments and field expansions in the scheme for the electronic statement of accounts via FinanzOnline are made in the scheme of Balance Transfer. New releases are provided at regular intervals. As new versions of the scheme cannot be implemented by all accountants simultaneously, parallel scheme versions will be supported by banks.

Structure of the Annual financial Statement Data and Analysis Response


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