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  OeKB as an Issuer in the Capital Markets 

Since 1950 OeKB has managed the export credit and guarantee system, acting as the agent of the Republic of Austria.

Since 1960 OeKB has operated a scheme for financing exports of goods and services, primarily with medium- and long-term repayment schedules.  


OeKB is the second largest Austrian borrower in the international capital markets, ranking behind only the Austrian government. The Treasury department obtains funds for the Export Financing Scheme and is responsible for investor relations.

Rating and Funding Volume

OeKB's long-term debt issues are rated Aa1 by Moody's and AA+ by Standard & Poor's; its short-term debt is rated P-1 and A-1+, respectively. The debt is used to fund the export financing system. OeKB's status as a quasi-sovereign borrower with a long-term funding volume of 4 billion Euro per year is perceived as attractive by investors. The outstanding performance of OeKB's bonds underpins the strong position among its peer group. 

Presentation for Investors

Investor Presentation, October 2017


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