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  Privacy Policy 

OeKB strictly abides by the Austrian Federal Act concerning the Protection of Personal Data ("Datenschutzgesetz 2000"). All data sent through this website will be kept in confidence by OeKB. We will not exchange your data with any third party.


Links: Datenschutzbehörde, Datenschutzgesetz 2000 (Austrian data protection law; German only)

Web tracking

This website uses the web analytic tools WebTrends and Piwik to measure and evaluate page visits. With the given information, reports are created that help us in analysing, optimising and improving our website. The collected data will not be shared with third parties.

The following data is collected by the web analytics tools: 

  • Request (file name oft he requested file)
  • Browser type/-version (e.g.: Internet Explorer 8.0)
  • Operating system (e.g.: Windows Vista)
  • Referrer URL 
  • IP address 
  • Date and time of the request
  • Form data
  • User name (for pages with login)


The web analytics tools use cookies. Cookies are small data files saved on your device that may transmit information about you and your use of the Site, such as your browser type and the date and time of your use. Cookies may be persistent or stored only during an individual session. The following cookies are used on



Website performance


All recent versions of popular browsers give users a level of control over cookies. Users can set their browsers to accept or reject all, or certain, cookies. This might have effects on the website performance. You can find more on the cookie settings for your browser and your device in their security settings.

Saved data

Wherever OeKB saves more data than mentioned above, users are informed in advance. At the moment, this concerns data given when registering for a Climate neutral event


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