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27.09.2017 | Export Services-News

  New interest rates as of 1 October 2017


05.09.2017 | Export Services-News

  Introducing Austria´s more flexible National Content Policy

Since end of 2016 more flexible national content rules are applicable in Austria. An article, published in the latest edition of Berne Union’s Newsletter The BUlletin deals with motives, developments and impacts of the adaption of Austria’s policy. more

28.06.2017 | Export Services-News

  Country category changed

The country category for Myanmar, Lesotho and Hongkong has been changed.

04.05.2017 | Export Services-News

  Framework Agreement with Kosovo has been extended and published


27.04.2017 | Export Services-News

  Soft loan terms and conditions are now available


01.02.2017 | Export Services-News

  Country category changed

The country category for Bulgaria, Serbia and Tunesia has been changed as follows: more

19.01.2017 | Export Services-News

  Financial grants for the Preparation of Soft Loan Projects extended

The Austrian Federal Ministry of Finance extends the Project Preparation Program Soft Loan until 31 December 2018 more

14.12.2016 | Export Services-News

  OeKB wins “Exporters Choice Award”

More than 100 European export companies participated in a survey and evaluated ECAs. OeKB received top grades and thus the award “Best Performing ECA in 2016”. more

06.12.2016 | Export Services-News

  Cover policy for further markets expanded

The Federal Ministry of Finance and OeKB offer further incentives for exports to 14 countries. more

09.11.2016 | Export Services-News

  Soft Loan Framework Agreement with Egypt has been extended



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