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  Request of Prospectuses 

The Notification Office has to answer inquiries regarding compliance with the formal publication regulations according to the Capital Markets Act and provides upon request copies of the prospectuses filed pursuant to Capital Markets Act, Stock Exchange Act, Investment Funds Act and Real Estate Investment Funds Act.

Copies are provided as a hardcopy or electronically as PDF. Please submit a precise request to


The following fees excl. VAT are charged:

  • Hardcopies: 0.36 Euro per page
  • Electronic copies as PDF: 10 Euro per prospectus
Prospectus and KIID-Website

Management companies can make available following fund documents in their current version at the "Prosectus- and KIID-Website"

  • Prospectuses and their changes
  • Key Investor Information Documents (KIIDs)
  • Semi-annual fund reports
  • Annual fund reports
  • Audit reports


Making available documents shall not be regarded as information on the deposit of the documents in conformity with the law, their signing or on the publicity data for the respective document (no answer to an inquiry pursuant to section 129 para. 2 InvFA in connection with section 12 para. 2 CMA). In case of any queries on these please contact the staff of the Notification Office.


Further information on filing of prospectuses 


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