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  Tax Data 

OeKB collects and publishes capital yields tax amounts for investment funds

Since the Tax Reporting Ordinance entered into force on 1 April 2012, domestic and foreign investment funds, which have the status of a reporting fund, deliver tax data to OeKB. They deliver the data in course of distributions and once a year the annual data within seven months after the end of the fiscal year.

Fund reporting data availabe via Profitweb 

OeKB collects and publishes the reported data in the form of a daily updated list of all tax reporting funds under (in German only). A list of all funds that have lost the status of a reporting fund is also available at this site.

By providing the infrastructure for investment funds' capital yields tax reporting, OeKB is contributing to making the implementation of these reporting requirements feasible and has thus created the workable basis for the single taxation of these funds.


Further information on Notifications of Tax Data 


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