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  Notification to the New-Issue Calendar 

The Notification Office administrates a calendar for planned issues of securities and investments as defined in Section 13 of the Capital Markets Act (CMA) to provide an insight into extent and manner of the expected capital market utilisation.


Information on securities and investments which are offered for the first time in Austria have to be notified for the Notification Office for the New-Issue calendar. Further offers of the same securities or investments do not have to be notified notwithstanding the possible obligation to publish a prospectus according to section 2 CMA. Public as well as non public offerings are subject to the notification requirement stipulated in section 13 CMA.


Online Notification Office

The notification platform of the Notification Office is available with options for single notifications and bulk notifications via Excel and XML-interface.
Further information concerning the XML-interface can be found at the XML-interface website.


The new Online Notification Office and the New-Issue Calendar can be found at


The test-system can be found at



Fee per notified issue excl. VAT

1 to 500

 EUR 150.00

501 to 1,000

 EUR 75.00

1,001 to 2,000

EUR 37.50




The fee structure mentioned above refers to the total number of notified issues via the Online Notification Office platfrom per issuer within a calendar year (1 January to 31 December).


A fixed EUR 200.- notification fee excl. VAT per issue (EUR 150.- plus an additional handling fee of EUR 50.-) is charged for notifications transmitted by other ways than via Online Notification Office. The fee structure (scale) will then not be applied.


Notification Office Service Center

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