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An important goal of Oesterreichische Kontrollbank AG is to offer a comprehensive product range and personal service of the highest quality to its customers. OeKB's numerous services are used by a multitude of clients ranging from securities issuers to pension funds and from investment companies to banks.
The range of services offered by OeKB is broad:
  • Securities custody
  • Provision of descriptive and analytical financial data
  • Process support and IT solutions for the funds industry
  • Link to the SWIFT network via the SWIFT Access Service
  • Auction Agent for Austrian Government Bonds
  • Advice and processing services for issuers 
Comprehensive service offering and individually tailored support

The achievement of OeKB's goals is driven above all by the highly capable, open-minded staff and experienced management. The great breadth of OeKB's services is made possible by an extensive network of partner entities.

OeKB continually strives to expand and deepen its service portfolio and partner network in order to be able to respond ever better to the needs of the market.


Ideas for the refinement of products and services come both directly from customers and from our innovative staff. The harmonisation of the European capital market also gives rise to new requirements, which OeKB works to satisfy through new services.




Capital Market Service Center

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