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  SWIFT Access via OeKB 

OeKB's SWIFT Access Service is the cost-efficient link to the SWIFT network for corporates and financial service providers.

SWIFT messages worldwide

Since 1973 the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT) has been operating a telecommunication network for the international exchange of financial messages. SWIFT occupies a central role in processing securities trades as well as payment transactions. More than 10,500 banking organisations, securities institutions and corporate customers based in 210 countries are already users of the SWIFT network. In 2013 more than 5 billion messages were transmitted.

Your link to the SWIFT network

Financial institutions that want to be successful in the payments and securities business will need to implement a reliable SWIFT connection.

Since 2003, financial service providers and companies have been making use of the SWIFT Access Service as a gateway to the SWIFT network. The SWIFT Access Service of OeKB offers the following services:

  • Link-up to the possibilities of the SWIFT network
  • Exchange of messages
  • Conversion of proprietary data formats into SWIFT messages
  • Scanning of transactions against OFAC criteria (Office of Foreign Assets Control) and anti-money laundering blacklists



Information flow from the customer to the SWIFT network via OeKB's SWIFT Service Bureau


SWIFT Access Service Center
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