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  OeKB CSD GmbH now Austrian CSD 

As from 14 September 2015, there is a new service provider on the Austrian capital market: OeKB CSD GmbH.

Owing to EU regulations, this wholly-owned subsidiary of OeKB is to inherit the role of Austrian Central Securities Depository (CSD) from its parent company. National ISIN allocation and registration will remain in the domain of OeKB pursuant to the Capital Market Act.


OeKB CSD GmbH will assume all of the tasks which were previously the responsibility of OeKB for five decades in its capacity as CSD. The advantages remain the same:

  • independent, efficient and cost-effective custody and administration of securities
  • delivery to CSD allows issued securities to be booked electronically
  • electronic real-time processing of over-the-counter transactions
    - at home and abroad
    - with book-entry of securities and money all in one place
  • electronic integration with international depositories
  • central information about and settlement of corporate actions and revenues. 


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