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  About OeKB 

OeKB delivers central infrastructural and financial services to the Austrian market. Internationally we are a highly rated issuer of bonds. Our services benefit exporters, investors in projects abroad, financial service providers, capital market participants and the Austrian government.

Services for Exports and Foreign Investment

Insurance and financing for exporters and outward foreign investors

Export guarantees via Austria's export credit agency (ECA)

The Austrian government guarantees minimise the political and commercial risks of export transactions and are delivered by OeKB. Companies investing in other countries thus gain protection against losses caused by political or other factors. 

Funding for international activities on favourable terms

Guarantees and avals (third-party guarantees of payment on bills of exchange) are the key to OeKB's Export Financing Scheme. With these, OeKB backs the lending of its customers' own banks, which facilitate exports and investment abroad through attractively priced credit.

OeKB a well-rated issuer in international bond market

Due to Aa1/AA+ ratings and decades of market presence, OeKB's bond issues are very much in demand with investors. The capital raised is used to fund the OeKB export credits extended by customers' own banks.

Services for the Capital Market and Energy Market

Providing central infrastructure for the Austrian capital market

Information products and general services for Austrian securities

OeKB manages central data pools on Austrian securities, generates analytical data and is the national agency for assigning International Securities Identification Numbers (ISIN). It also acts as the notification office for the purposes of the Capital Markets Act and is responsible for the organisation and running of the automated auction system for government bond issues.
As well, OeKB offers information services for domestic and foreign equity, bond and fund data and supplies virtually all major market participants with financial data and analytical metrics of the highest quality.

Energy market services

Also participants on the Austrian energy market benefit from OeKB's know-how. On behalf of the Balance Group Coordinators (APCS/AGCS), the Settlement Center for Green Electricity (OeMAG) and the Energy Exchange (EXAA), OeKB is responsible for credit analysis, financial clearing and risk management.

Research Services

Oesterreichische Kontrollbank assists decisions-makers in business and finance in finding solutions to their strategic challenges.

  • OeKB Research Services provide their clients with analyses exactly tailored to their needs – e.g. on market or industry-specifics in a global context, technological trends or structural issues.
  • Their targeted consulting develops practical solution approaches to help clients implement strategic concepts.
  • The OeKB CEE Business Climate Index' leading indicators give insights into current and future business developments and the investment climate in Central and Eastern Europe.
  • Client-specific media monitoring completes the service portfolio.


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