OeKB Group’s services are multi-faceted but they have one thing in common: They create attractive framework conditions for businesses and help them grow.

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A broad range of competence for private business and state

OeKB Group has been strengthening Austria's economy with many services for small, medium and large companies as well as the Republic of Austria since 1946 and thus has a special position as a central financial services provider. With its broad range of competences, OeKB Group focuses on four main service areas:

OeKB Group is a public-private partnership, fulfilling its role as a private company on one side, and, on the other, as a mandate from the Republic of Austria.

Customer-orientation and dependability for Austria’s economy

OeKB is able to process federal export guarantees and to make attractive financing available in conjunction with foreign trade. Also its private loan insurances cover receivables at home and abroad. With its capital market services, OeKB Group fulfils essential functions concerning securities, provides clearing services for the energy market and finances commercial and developmentally reasonable projects in emerging markets with the OeEB as the official development bank for the Republic of Austria.

OeKB Group includes OeKB AG and its subsidiaries and shareholdings. Customer orientation, great technical expertise and reliability determine both the strategic alignment of the services provided by OeKB Group as well as the actions of its more than 400 employees. Economic relevance and sustainability are fixed cornerstones for every project of OeKB Group.

billion euros of newly granted financing commitments
Republic of Austria guarantees
592 bn €
deposit value at OeKB CSD

Relevant services to help business grow

OeKB Group provides many services that promote economic growth and strengthen Austria as a centre for global competition through its four major business units and subsidiaries and shareholdings. The subsidiaries and shareholdings include Oesterreichische Entwicklungsbank AG, Acredia Versicherung AG, OeKB CSD GmbH and CCP Austria Abwicklungsstelle für Börsengeschäfte GmbH.

An overview of the business units of OeKB Group

Export Services: International success with safety

Export and invest abroad - this allows Austria’s enterprises to grow and secures jobs at home. Authorised by the Republic of Austria, OeKB issues export guarantees to cover payment defaults abroad. Its insurance subsidiaries cover short-term marketable export credits risks. With commercial banks as partners of OeKB's Export Services small, medium and large enterprises receive attractive financial solutions to grow - whether for export transactions, equity capital financing abroad, or investments at home.

Capital Market Services: Everything regarding securities

Every Austrian security comes into contact with the Capital Market Services of the OeKB Group - whose services include several statutory tasks - multiple times during its ‘lifetime’. The OeKB, for instance, is the legal notification office under the Capital Markets Act (KMG) and auctions Austrian goverment bonds. All market participants can benefit from its expertise surrounding capital markets including extensive information about domestic and foreign securities, national ISIN allocation or depositing securities.

Energy Market Services: Clearing services for electricity and gas

With its Energy Market Services, the OeKB Group makes its decades of know-how in financial clearing and risk management available in the service of the liberalised Austrian energy market: OeKB checks the credit worthiness of market participants and takes over the financial clearing, payment processing and risk management. As a “General Clearing Member” of the “European Commodity Clearing”, the Energy Market Services offers "Non-Clearing Members" their services for spot trading with electricity and gas.

Development financing: For sustainable growth

As the official development bank for the Republic of Austria, the OeKB subsidiary, Oesterreichische Entwicklungsbank (OeEB), finances investments for private companies in developing and emerging countries where access to financial products is often lacking. This generates inclusive and sustainable growth which ideally helps improve the living standards of people in these countries. OeKB project-related programmes strengthen the developmental effect of the projects. With low interest loans (soft loans) from the BMF (Ministry of Finance), OeKB can also offer financing for projects with specific requirements in selected developing and emerging countries which are not necessarily financially sound but nevertheless contribute to the development of the recipient country.

employees at OeKB Group
39 %
women in managing positions
terawatt hours of green electricity billed

Values & Vision

We offer important incentives to promote healthy economic growth and make a sustainable contribution to the success of the Austrian economy with our diverse services as a relevant partner for business and the Republic of Austria. We want to meet this role in a responsible and professional way.

Our daily work is guided by our values: We fulfil our obligations in a competent, professional and dependable way. We are constantly striving to improve our services. Seeing our clients as our top priority, we act in a customer-oriented, unbureaucratic and beneficial way.

We also act in a competitively neutral and economically relevant way because of the OeKB Group’s special position as an authorised agent of the Republic of Austria. We take our responsibility to society and the environment very seriously in our daily transactions as well. You can read more about this at:

Frequently Asked Questions

The broad range of services is practical because all of the services have something in common: they promote economic growth and strengthen the Austrian economy in global competition - for example, by covering risks in export business, offering attractive financing, providing approved infrastructure and reliable data for the capital market.

In OeKB Group, the Acredia Versicherung AG completes the services for foreign businesses. OeKB Group supports sustainable private sector projects in developing and emerging market countries jointly with the Development Bank of Austria (OeEB). As the Austrian central counterparty, the CCP Austria Abwicklungsstelle für Börsengeschäfte GmbH (CCP.A) performs an important function in the Austrian capital market, as does the OeKB CSD GmbH, which is Austria’s central holder of securities.

No, OeKB is 100% privately owned. The owners are commercial banks headquartered in Austria.

The ownership structure of OeKB

However, OeKB carries out some tasks for the Republic of Austria, For instance, it processes the export guarantees for the federation and handles government bond auctions for the state.

Even if the name leads one to believe otherwise, OeKB has no supervisory or controlling function for Austrian banks. These tasks are done by the Austrian Financial Market Authority (FMA) which is the independent regulatory authority for Austria's financial market not subject to instruction.

OeKB is a special institution that supports the export economy and capital market with its services and not a credit institution that provides the conventional services for payments, loans and capital transactions. The answer to why OeKB is called the Austrian Control Bank can be found in its history.

No, this is done by commercial banks. OeKB only holds accounts for business customers. These are used exclusively for clearing services from the OeKB Group, for example, in export financing or within the framework of services from OeKB CSD GmbH.

Loans for exports or foreign investments are not issued by OeKB directly. It makes the capital available to the banks, which transfer it to the exporters or foreign investors, and which assumes the bank processing of guarantees for export businesses as the federally authorised agent.