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  Financial Data 

The central role of Oesterreichische Kontrollbank AG (OeKB) in the Austrian capital market is evident in the extensive offering of reliable financial data.

Descriptive and analytical data is a crucial asset in the international securities markets. Banks, insurance companies, issuers, investors and many other participants in the capital market therefore obtain securities data from OeKB.


The data products range from the new-issue calendar for government bonds, to free background information such as annual reports of domestic public companies and the ISIN directory, all the way to transaction-specific event and tax data on equities, mutual funds and derivatives.


The different ways for customers to obtain these types of data are equally diverse. In addition to Internet access, an especially popular choice is to have data feeds with customised content transmitted via FTP.

A world of financial data from OeKB:
  • Background information and administrative data on more than one million domestic and foreign financial instruments
  • Master data and transaction data on more than 7,000 investment funds
  • Current and historical performance data for all domestic and foreign funds
  • Current and historical data for the Austrian bond market
  • Directory of all ISINs assigned in Austria


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