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Oesterreichische Kontrollbank receives notifications submitted by investment companies and publishes the information online.

The following information on investment companies can be requested easily via OeKB's online platforms:

Funds Measures

Information on funds measures under Section 133 Investment Fund Act can be requested via OAM Issuer Info


View OAM Issuer Info 

Fund Data

Acting as an Independent agency, OeKB compiles Investment fund prices in Austria and calculates performance for Investment fund companies, Pension funds and termination pay funds.


Further Information on Fund Data

View OeKB Profitweb (in German only)

Portfolio Data and Data for Regulatory Reporting 

Investment companies provide detailed fund data via OeKB Fund Data Portal.


Further Information on FundsXML Data

Price Data

OeKB collects and publishes price data of Austrian investment funds. 


Further Information on Price Data
View OeKB Profitweb (in German only)

Tax Data

OeKB collects data on capital yields tax of investment companies and also publishes it.


View OeKB Profitweb (in German only)

Fund Documents

Fund documents have to be submitted to OeKB via the Transmission and Deposit System (TDS). They are provided on the Prospectus- and KIID-Website.


 TDS and Prospectus- and KIID-Website


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