Every security in the world can be unambiguously identified by its ISIN, the twelve-digit International Securities Identification Number. All securities traded on stock exchanges need an ISIN. In Austria, the ISIN is allocated by the OeKB.

Your situation

You represent a company that issues securities in Austria, for which you need an ISIN. Your authorised agents, as well as banks, can also request ISINs from the OeKB.

Our service: The right ISIN for your needs

The Securities Data Service Centre of OeKB is available to you for all questions concerning ISIN allocation. Sequentially numbered ISIN are issued free of charge. Alternatively, you can create your ISIN on request or reserve whole blocks of ISIN.

Your custom ISIN

Do you want a specially created ISIN for your financial product? A custom ISIN lets you freely choose the nine-digit base number at the core of the ISIN. The base number can be a sequence of numbers, a sequence of letters or a combination of the two.

Block reservation

A block reservation lets you reserve a set number of sequential ISIN (10, 50, 100 or 200) for an issuer. We will take future ISIN for the next issues from this number block each time you apply for one.

ISIN allocation guidelines

The costs and registration

Sequential ISIN free
Block reservation

from € 250 (for 10 ISIN)

Custom ISIN

€ 1.000 per ISIN

Our prices do not include VAT.

For each ISIN allocated by us, you will additionally receive the following international code or name free of charge:

  • CFI – Classification of Financial Instruments (ISO 10962)
  • FISN – Financial Instrument Short Name (ISO 18774)

Additional costs due to greater effort

We charge for the extra work involved with custom ISIN and block reservations. If you wish to apply by email instead of via the web application ISIN Services, we will charge an additional 250 euros per ISIN for the extra processing effort because we have to transfer your application data into the ISIN Services system.

Registration Web Application ISIN Services

Registration Form ISIN Application by email

CFI – Classification of Financial Instruments

The CFI code was developed in order to enable the uniform categorisation of financial instruments worldwide. The advantage of this is that the terms that refer to financial products can have different meanings in different countries. The CFI has been undergoing expansion since 2017 in order to better meet the constantly growing requirements.

FISN – Financial Instrument Short Name

FISN is an internationally standardised short name for financial instruments and issuers. The FISN is intended to significantly reduce the effort involved in the laborious shortening of issuer and product names and present them in a standardised format worldwide.

Your path to an ISIN

As an issuer or its authorised agent, you can request an ISIN in two ways:

  • Apply for an ISIN via the web application ISIN Services, for which you have to register just once. Complete the corresponding fields online and send the data to us electronically. ISIN Services can be accessed via the OeKB Login Portal.
  • Alternatively, you can request an ISIN automatically via the XML interface. You must also register for this.

For registration and further information about this, please contact the Securities Data Service Centre.

If you need an ISIN for a fund, you must additionally complete the fund master data sheet. You can download this here:

Fund master data sheet

Electronic sending of data

You can send the following information to us in a standardised XML format via a central interface:

  • ISIN requests and changes
  • New-issue calendar notifications to the Notification Office under the Capital Markets Act

Different ways of submitting notifications to OeKB are thus harmonised and the notification process is simplified.

For further information on registration and technical implementation, please contact the Securities Data Service Centre.

Any more questions?

If you require further information, please do not hesitate to contact us. The Securities Data Service Centre is available Monday to Friday from 9.00 am to 4.00 pm.

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