Companies located in developing countries need a good equity basis to ensure economic growth. The Development Bank of Austria (OeEB) participates in companies and private equity funds which contribute to sustainable development.

Equity capital for projects in developing countries

OeEB can participate in private equity funds or directly in companies, acting as trustee for the Austrian Ministry of Finance. All projects must make developmental and economic sense and must undergo a comprehensive environmental and social review.

Our partners not only profit from commercial financing, but also from our many years of experience.

Conditions for equity participations in companies

  • OeEB share max. 25 %
  • Max. amount of shares up to 5 million euro
  • Predefined exit e. g. by sale to a third-party or going public

Conditions for participations in funds

  • Early-stage funds at earliest, no start-up financing
  • Max. amount of investment up to 5 million euros
  • OeEB share max. 25 % of fund volume

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