OeEB - Oesterreichische Entwicklungsbank AG - finances investments of private companies in developing countries and emerging markets. We offer customised solutions at near-market conditions with long-term maturities for projects that are economically sustainable and have positive impacts on development.

Loan financing for projects in developing countries

As the Republic of Austria’s official development bank, we offer long-term loans at near-market conditions. Private companies can also benefit from our expertise, in addition to the customised investment solutions we offer.

We offer:

  • Long-term loans and risk sub-participations
  • Long-term loans to financial institutions with a binding loan purpose, e. g. in our energy and SME financing focus sector

In contrast to commercial banks, we only finance projects in developing countries and emerging markets and thus only outside of the EU. Our financing is provided at near-market conditions in the form of a private holding company with a public mandate and geared according to the country and project risk.

The securing of our loans with a state guarantee from the Austrian Federal Ministry of Finance means that we can take more risks than commercial banks and offer longer terms for loans.


All of the projects we finance must make developmental and economic sense. We offer loans in euros or US dollars with no interest subsidies.

Volume usually max. 25 million euro per transaction
Equity portion min. 30 %
Term depending on project up to 15 years repayment time
(incl. a time period where no repayment is necessary)


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