Current interest rates for export financing in EUR and USD are available here. The applicable interest rates depend on the weighted average life of the drawdown and repayment period of a financing arrangement. Current rates can be calculated via the OeKB Loan Pricer and are displayed in the interest tables below.

OeKB Loan Pricer - an easy way to determine your interest rates

The OeKB Loan Pricer enables you to calculate the interest rates for your financing arrangement in Euro and USD online. Simply enter the projected disbursements and repayments of the financing. Interest rates are determined using the weighted average life of the disburesement and repayment period. It indicates how many years it takes to repay half the amount of a credit.

Current interest tables

Kontrollbank Credit Line (KCL)

Kontrollbank Credit Line, valid from 01.01.2020: 0.500 %

OeKB floating interest rate

OeKB floating interest rate, valid from 01.01.2020: 0.550 %

Interest rates for financing in foreign currencies (excl. USD)

Foreign currency credits are quoted on an individual basis. For further information and indications, please contact the Financing Service Centre.

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