On this page you will find all the forms that you need for your application - whether you want to cover the risk of your export business or are looking for attractive financing. For your export guarantee applications, you can also use our customer platform my.oekb. Our online calculators help you to determine the costs of financing on the basis of export guarantees or guarantees by aval quickly. All relevant documents can be found in the download area on my.oekb as well.

Please note that some documents are only available in German.

Export guarantees

Application form export guarantee G1 (only in German)
Application form export guarantee G2 (only in German)
Application form export guarantee G3 (only in German)
Application form export guarantee G4 (only in German)
Application form export guarantee G5 (only in German)
Application form export guarantee G7 (only in German)
Application form export guarantee G9 (only in German)

For combined guarantees, please use the corresponding individual forms. 

Notice of default form (only in German)
Claims application form (only in German)
Table of accounts receivable for delivered goods (only in German)
Table of accounts receivable for undelivered goods (only in German)
Offer for assignment of claims (only in German)
Offer for assignment of claims G1 G9 (only in German)

If you have any questions about the forms or need assistance, please contact the Service Center Claims Management.


As a partner of your bank, we can finance your projects favorably within the framework of the Export Financing Scheme (EFV). This is based on export guarantees or guarantees by aval. The refinancing application can be found in the download area on my.oekb as well as in the protected area.

Application form framework credit (only in German)
Form for calculation of indirect exports (only in German)
Redemption form (only in German)
Report of export turnover (only in German)

Banks can also apply online for Exportfonds credits for their customers. If you are interested in access to "Exportfonds-Kredit Online", please contact us: exportservices@oekb.at.

Factsheet soft loans (only in German)
Notification form soft loans (only in German)
Guide to filling in the notification form (only in German)
Declaration of consent for soft loans (only in German)
Application form guarantee G1 (only in German)
Application form guarantee G3 (only in German)

Project Preparation Program

In order to identify projects suitable for soft loans, the Federal Ministry provides funding for the “Project Preparation Program”. 

Guidelines Project Preparation Program (only in German)
Application - Project Preparation Program
Information on Service-Provider - Project Preparation Program

Other Documents

Bill of exchange (only in German)
Sola-bill of exchange (only in German)
Redemption form (only in German)
Notification of assignment shortfall (only in German)

SEPA direct debit mandate

SEPA direct debit mandate


Guarantee by aval - KYC (only in German)
Export guarantee - KYC (only in German)

You plan to export or invest and want to... 

...reduce the risk of non-payment by your foreign clients?

Guarantee for direct deliveries and services
Guarantee for indirect deliveries and services

...provide financing for your customers?

Guarantee for the purchase of accounts receivable
Buyers' credits

...protect your investments against political risk with a financing option?

Financing for foreign investments
Guarantee for investments

...have an operating loan on favourable terms?

Kontrollbank Credit Line (as a large enterprise)
Exportfonds Credit Line (as an SME)

...gain financial leeway and to be able to provide a bank guarantee for your customer?

Guarantee by aval

...finance domestic investments?

State guarantee for domestic investments - Auftragsinvest
(to fulfill one or more signed export contracts)
State guarantee for domestic investments - Exportinvest
(to secure or increase your export activities)

Online Services

For your business relationship with OeKB you need one or more accounts. With the online service Account Information you have all your account movements at a glance: Your OeKB Account

Via my.oekb you can use the OeKB Online Export Services. If you do not have access yet, simply register online here: Online registration Export Services

Online Calculators

The guarantee fee for long-term payment terms - 24 months or more - can easily be determined in the premium calculator on my.oekb. The refinancing interest for your project is calculated in the same step.

Binding fees will be provided after a more detailed examination of the business case.

The interest rate applicable to your financing depends on the planned term and structure of the loan disbursements as well as repayments and can easily be determined with the OeKB Loan Pricer on my.oekb. All current EUR and USD interest rates as well as various financing examples can also be found on our website: www.oekb.at/interest.

You are a new customer?

If you are a new customer, we require a one-time SEPA direct debit mandate form from you and your acknowledgement of the respective guarantee terms and conditions. The latter can be found above under the item "Guarantees". Our Service Center will be happy to advise you should you have any questions regarding the forms.

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