For decades, when it comes to securities services that require expert knowledge, the Austrian capital market and the Republic of Austria have placed their trust in the competencies of OeKB Capital Market Services. As a highly specialised service provider, we are economically relevant; as an innovative infrastructure developer, we shape the capital market.

More on the importance of OeKB Capital Market Services

Notifications and filing

Get an idea about which notifications and filing of documents you can do reliably, simply and safely via OeKB.

Our range of data

Use our wide range of financial data to achieve success – from security data and issuer data to tax and fund data.

ISIN allocation

Find out what possibilities OeKB offers for ISIN allocation. Aside from the free ISIN, you can also request a customised ISIN and reserve ISIN blocks.

Government Bond and Austrian Treasury Bill auctions

As the Auction Agent for Austrian Government Bonds and Treasury Bills, OeKB carries out the auction procedure. To do this, it uses ADAS, the special software it developed.

Securities administration and processing

Discover how OeKB supports securities throughout their entire life-cycle with its services. The OeKB subsidiaries OeKB CSD and CCP.A play a key role in this.

Online Services

With our practical summary page, you always have all links to the OeKB Online Services within easy reach.