Good risk management and attractive financing are vital for achieving sustainable success with export transactions and investments abroad. And this is precisely what OeKB’s speciality has been since 1950. We offer instruments to strengthen your company’s position against global competition and make our long years of export experience available to you.

Covering and financing export transactions

Our portfolio contains a large number of instruments with which we support you and your export business. Essentially, it is always about taking over non-payment risks and thus creating the basis for attractive financing through your bank.

Play it safe when doing business abroad

While you cover marketable risks through insurance companies such as the OeKB subsidiary ACREDIA (with the OeKB Versicherung and PRISMA brands), you can rely on OeKB Export Services for covering your non-marketable risks. Since 1950, we have been covering Austrian exporters abroad against commercial and political risks by offering and processing export liabilities on behalf of the government. This is why OeKB is Austria’s Export Credit Agency (ECA); the Republic of Austria’s export credit agency.

Our export liabilities are either export guarantees or guarantees by aval. Export guarantees cover against foreign risks such as non-payment of the client due, for example, to political uncertainties, shortage of foreign exchange or insolvency. Guarantees by aval cover the domestic risk of insolvency of the exporter or the bank.

Covering and access to financing

Export guarantees make the consequences of non-payments in export transactions more manageable. They cover companies whose clients do not pay for commercial or political reasons. Investment guarantees cover foreign investments against political risks.

The export liabilities of the Republic of Austria also offer an attractive access to financing funds for export and investment transactions. To find out what types of liability are best for concrete export transactions and investment projects, contact OeKB Export Services or your bank.

The services in the field of export liabilities are provided by OeKB as authorized representative and on behalf of the Republic of Austria (Federal Ministry of Finance - BMF).

What does an export guarantee cover?

In principle, OeKB can cover export transactions in all economic sectors except for arms deliveries and in the nuclear industry.

Insurable risks include comercial risks connected with your customer abroad. This includes contract withdrawals, non-payment or your debtor’s insolvency.

Additionally, the federal guarantee also covers risks related to the political situation in the country of your customer or debtor. Such political crises can be war, revolution, or financial sanctions against the client country, as well as a revocation of your rights to foreign investments due to political events. Should your customer abroad not pay, or authorities restrict the free transfer of foreign exchange, this is also considered political risk and is insurable.

Here you can find further information on our cover policy.

Country information

OeKB handles export liabilities on behalf of the Republic of Austria. This allows us to take on most of the risk from the exporter and the bank. In addition, OeKB offers commercial banks access to low-cost financing that can be provided to exporters.
OeKB handles export liabilities on behalf of the Republic of Austria. This allows us to take on most of the risk from the exporter and the bank. In addition, OeKB offers commercial banks access to attractive financing that can be provided to exporters.

Foreign share: How Austrian is your project?

Export guarantees are designed to promote the Austrian economy. This is why there is a focus on the domestic value added in the cover of exports.

In a global economy, foreign shares must also be taken into consideration. Deliveries and services from the country of the purchaser (local costs) together with those from third countries make up the foreign share.

In principle, to insure your export transactions, an Austrian value added of 50% is needed. If an exporter makes a sustainable contribution to employment in Austria and to the positive development of Austria as a business location, an Austrian value added of 25% may, in individual cases, be sufficient.

All deliveries for which an Austrian certificate of origin is issued are considered 100% Austrian added value. For services, it is not the origin of the goods, but the domicile of the service provider that is decisive.

Secure liquidity with export financing

The Export Financing Scheme (EFS) of OeKB has allowed us to refinance the export of goods and services as well as foreign investments since 1960.

The EFS is available to domestic and foreign banks as a refinancing source, provided that they fulfil certain criteria (e.g. sufficient creditworthiness). OeKB is tied to Austrian laws as well as international provisions, EU directives and OECD agreements in particular.

OeKB as the refinancing partner of banks

The EFS is maintained by the OeKB financial team and is used to refinance loans granted by banks to their customers (i.e. exporters or their clients, or investors or their associate companies). These loans are used for:

  • Financing of delivery transactions (supplier credits, purchase of receivables, buyer credits, production financing)
  • Investments and foreign investments of export companies (investment financing)
  • Investments of export companies abroad (export invest, order invest)

What is required to receive financing

  • a federal liability pursuant to the Export Promotion Act (AusfFG) or
  • a liability of a credit insurer as laid down in AFFG or
  • a guarantee of the Austria Wirtschaftsservice Gesellschaft mbH (aws) or
  • a liability of an international organisation as laid down in AFFG and
  • that the deliveries or services bring about a direct or indirect improvement of Austria’s account balance. This also applies to projects whose realisation is of particular interest to Austria.

Furthermore, the relevant liability claims and underlying (export) receivables must be assigned.

Austrian Legal Framework

The business operations of the OeKB Export Services are based on several Austrian acts. The particular original text of law can be found in the "Federal Law Gazette for the Republic of Austria" or online in the "Legal Information System of the Republic of Austria" (RIS).

Federal Law concerning Export Financing Guarantees for Contracts and Rights
(Export Financing Guarantees Act – AFFG; Englisch translation)

Federal Law relating to the Granting of Guarantees for Contracts and Rights
(Export Guarantees Act – AusfFG; Englisch translation)

Complete Legal Regulation (Ausfuhrförderungsverordnung 1981, 06.06.2017; only in German)

Transparency as a guideline

Transparency is an important topic for OeKB in Export Services, in particular combating corruption, the environment, as well as social and sustainable development.

The fight against corruption and bribery 

An important goal of the international community is to fight corruption and bribery.

For the environment, society and human rights

The term “environment and social affairs” is very broad and also encompasses project-related human rights. It also includes the coverage of cultural assets, forced relocations, effects on indigenous peoples as well as forced labour and child labour.

Development assistance

We provide special financing to developing countries that require development assistance.

Any more questions?

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