Within the OeKB Group, we pay equal attention to national laws and international regulations. We engage with the environment and society with respect and a keen sense of responsibility. We are aware that we are measured against particular yardsticks due to the special position of the OeKB Group as a private company with a public assignment, and therefore we fulfil our tasks extremely conscientiously.


With our work we want to make a relevant contribution to the well-being of the economy and society. Find our vision of the future here.

Sustainability Management

Within the OeKB Group, we practise social and ecological responsibility in all sorts of ways. Find out here how strongly anchored our sustainability targets are.

Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion are important factors for us - not only because of our corporate and social responsibility. They also create added value.

Innovation Management

Digital Darwinism is when technology and society change faster than companies are able to adapt to it. Read here how OeKB Group meets this challenge.

Corporate Governance

The OeKB Group is committed to Corporate Governance, even though OeKB and its subsidiaries are not listed companies. This commitment determines how we think and act.
“We are convinced that healthy growth is only possible through responsible action and sustainable business.”
Angelika Sommer-Hemetsberger
Board member of OeKB

Environment and social matters in export promotion

Environmental and social standards play an important role in export promotion as well. Projects that can have significant impacts on the environment and society must undergo stringent checks.
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“We are conscious of our social and economic responsibility. Corporate Governance is therefore a matter of course for us.”
Helmut Bernkopf
Board member of OeKB

Active in the fight against corruption

OeKB conscientiously implements the regulations issued by the OECD for combating corruption. Find out here how we do this and what other measures we take in the fight against corruption.
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