With OeKB, you can use numerous services online: from mandatory notifications and the filing of documents to requests for accurate financial data. Should you need any further data, we would be pleased to provide you with individually compiled data feeds.

Notifications and filing documents

Here you can find an overview of all online services for making notifications and filing documents. In order to use the OeKB online services, you must register just once and log in.

Registration for notifications and filing documents

Notifications to the new-issue calendar under Sec. 24 Capital Markets Act

You must report planned issues to the OeKB Notification Office at the earliest opportunity.

Online Notification Office via my.oekb

Notification of listed issuers under the Stock Exchange Act

As an Officially Appointed Mechanism (OAM), OeKB operates the central storage system for regulated information that listed issuers have to send in accordance with the Stock Exchange Act.

OAM Issuer Info Upload via my.oekb

Notification of tax data on funds

Under the Investment Fund Act and the Real Estate Investment Fund Act, you must report the tax data of funds to the Notification Office.

Funds Upload Client via my.oekb

Exchange of FundsXML data

You make notifications for the exchange of portfolio data and for supervisory notifications in the standardised FundsXML format.

Fund Data Portal via my.oekb

Reporting of fund measures

In order to meet Sec. 133 Investment Fund Act and Sec. 34 Real Estate Investment Fund Act, you must promptly report fund measures.

Funds Upload Client via my.oekb

Filing of fund documents

Under the Investment Fund Act and the Real Estate Investment Fund Act, you must deposit fund documents with the Notification Office.

Transmission and Deposit System (TDS) of the Online Notification Office via my.oekb

ISIN allocation

You can easily order ISIN from OeKB online.

ISIN services via my.oekb

LEI allocation

When you order LEI from WM Datenservice, you will get OeKB expertise for the Austrian market.

WM LEI PORTAL (WM Datenservice)

Participating in auctions of Austrian government bonds

If you are licensed as a primary dealer at the auction of Austrian government bonds, you can log into the electronic auction system ADAS.

ADAS via OeKB Login Portal

Our range of data

Extensive data flow together at OeKB, in its capacity as the Notification Office under the Capital Markets Act, and as a central financial hub. You have access to a large part of the data material via existing online services. If you need additional data or combinations of data tailored to your needs, we will be happy to make you a customised data offer

Tailor-made data on securities, funds and issuers

Access extensive data on securities, funds and issuers after registering via the OeKB Profitweb. Please contact the Securities Data Service Centre for more information. We will make you an individual offer.

OeKB Profitweb

ISIN directory

Search and find all newly issued ISIN in Austria comfortably via the ISIN directory on profitweb.at, the financial data portal of OeKB.

ISIN directory in OeKB Profitweb

Income tax treatment of funds / capital gains tax reporting funds

On my.oekb, you will find free information on the tax data of all capital gains tax reporting funds.

Capital gains tax reporting funds via my.oekb

Price data on funds

Access the fund price data on my.oekb.

Price data for funds via my.oekb

Portfolio data and data for supervisory notifications (FundsXML)

You can find FundsXML data after registration on OeKB Fund Data Portal.

OeKB Fund Data Portal (via OeKB Login Portal)

Fund measures

Find out about all notified fund measures free of charge on the OAM Issuer Info.

OAM Issuer Info

Other fund data

You can find fund data such as key performance and risk figures, fund volumes, etc. after registering in Fundsdata Plus. Please contact the Funds Service Centre for more information. We will make you an offer.

Fundsdata Plus

Fund documents

You can get information about deposited documents for Austrian funds in the Online Notification Office. The service is free of charge. 

Prospectus and KIID website of the Online Notification Office

New-issue calendar under Sec. 24 Capital Markets Act

You can inquire about all planned offers of securities and investments in Austria free of charge at the Online Notification Office.

Online Notification Office

Notifications of listed issuers

You can access all notifications that issuers send under the Stock Exchange Act to OeKB as an Officially Appointed Mechanism (OAM) free of charge.

OAM Issuer Info

LEI database

You can search for LEI on the website of WM Datenservice free of charge.

LEI search in the WM-LEIPORTAL

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