OeKB is your reliable partner for mandatory and optional notifications and for the filing of documents. There are several options available to you in many cases, and the most suitable option for you depends on your system. You can also contact the Capital Market Service Centre for a consultation.

Notifications to the new-issue calendar

For the mandatory notifications to the new-issue calendar, the Notification Office offers you a flexible solution that adapts to your situation. Notification regarding both public and non-public issues must be provided as early as possible, in any event before they are offered in Austria for the first time.

Notifications of listed issuers

As an Officially Appointed Mechanism (OAM), OeKB receives regulated information from listed issuers. You can also use the OAM Issuer Info Upload to send optional information. The information is accepted via the OAM Issuer Info, saved and then made available again to the general public.

Fund notifications

Use OeKB’s convenient, secure solutions to complete mandatory and optional fund notifications quickly and easily. Find out how to do this here and on the following pages.

Filing of fund documents

You must send documents on investment funds to the Notification Office electronically via the Transmission and Deposit System (UeHS). For funds under the Real Estate Investment Fund Act, electronic filing is optional and takes place instead of physical submission.

Filing of documents for securities and investments

Find out here about the mandatory filing of documents for securities and investments with the OeKB Notification Office under the Capital Markets Act (KMG). We keep these for at least 15 years.

Not registered yet?

You will also have to register for most OeKB online services. You can find all the documents necessary for this in a handy overview.

We keep all information and documents sent to us in a structured, secure and traceable manner.

We offer additional Services for many mandatory services, some of them free of charge in order to reduce your costs.

For the greatest possible compatibility with your system, we offer various filing methods for many services.

OeKB as a central source of extensive financial data

Benefit from our wide range of carefully managed financial data, which you can access via online services or get as individually compiled data feeds.
Our range of data

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