In the last few months, we have produced an explanatory video series for the most important products of OeKB Export Services – here is the result.

Products in a nutshell

With our Export Services, export transactions can be covered and financed. So far so good. But how does that look like? In which cases and how can we support exporting companies? The four animated, one and a half to two minute explainer videos start with this question. Thematically, they deal with the following areas:

  • Working Capital Loan: Finance ongoing export orders and receivables
  • Supplier credit (G1): hedge and finance export transactions
  • Covering and financing export investments abroad
  • Exportinvest: Financing domestic export investments

Solutions for the challenges of exporters

In the videos, you can accompany "Mr. Steiner" dealing with various problems, which exporting companies often have to face and get to know OeKB’s suitable solutions. Our videos are intended to give you an easy and entertaining introduction to the product world of OeKB Export Services. We hope that we have succeeded in that.

Have fun watching!