Starting on 1 January 2020, interest rates for single transactions financed out of OeKB's Export Financing Scheme (EFS) are fixed on a daily basis instead of the current monthly fixing. This ensures that the EFS interest rates are close to the market, fair and transparent.

Daily instead of monthly pricing mechanism

The Export Financing Scheme (EFS) enables OeKB to refinance a wide range of crossboarder transactions. Austrian companies receive financing via their banks for current exports, loans for individual export transactions or to finance their foreign investments.

Currently, interest rates are set once a month and published on the OeKB website. From 1 January 2020, the interest rates will be determined on the basis of daily updated market data. This ensures that the EFS interest rates are close to the market, fair and transparent.

Benefits for OeKB clients

  • Daily pricing of EUR and USD interest rates
    The daily pricing of interest rates enables OeKB to offer the best possible rate at any time. In addition to the EUR rates also the currently available USD rates will be posted.
  • Fixing the interest rate for refinancing agreements at any time
    Banks and their customers will be able to decide individually and independently when the timing to fix the interest rate for their contract is right.
  • Examples of financing to display term structure of OeKB Interest Rates
    Aside the well known interest rate tables, typical and popular maturities will be published continuously to display the current OeKB Interest Rates. These examples will facilitate reading and tracking the level of OeKB Interest Rates.

OeKB Loan Pricer - New tool to determine the applicable OeKB Interest Rate

As of 1 January 2020 the OeKB Loan Pricer will be available  as the prime tool to calculate the fixed interest rates and margins relative to a floating market indicator for the financing of single transactions both in Euro as well as in USD.