• largest OeKB AUD Bond ever with a volume of AUD 400 million
  • first AUD transaction in sustainability format
  • fifth OeKB Sustainability Bond up to date

Reentry into the AUD market

On March 12, 2024, OeKB successfully issued its first Sustainability Bond in the Australian (Kangaroo) market with a maturity of five years. With this issue OeKB reentered the AUD market after having issued its last AUD bond in March 2022. With a volume of AUD 400 million, it was OeKB´s largest AUD deal ever. 

This was OeKB´s fifth Sustainability Bond. With this transaction OeKB has issued bonds in sustainable format in three different currencies.

The coupon was set at 4.30% and the re-offer price was 99.766%. 

Lead Managers: RBC Capital Markets Sydney.

The issue carries an unconditional and explicit guarantee of the Republic of Austria and is rated Aa1/AA+ by Moody’s and Standard Poor’s respectively. 

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