With the OeKB > ESG Data Hub, we support companies in preparing relevant sustainability data. Here you can evaluate your activities in the area of ESG - Environment, Social and Governance.

  • Collecting and managing ESG data is easy for you with the OeKB > ESG Data Hub.
  • Structured questionnaires represent the standard in the field of ESG data collection.
  • See what is important in the field of ESG.
  • Always adapted to the current regulatory requirements, efficient and clear.

Your benefits

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ESG data - crucial for the success of your business

ESG is playing a growingly important role - not only due to regulatory obligations. Companies must increasingly demonstrate that they are acting in an ecologically and socially responsible way. In case of financing and subsidies, better conditions are granted if proof of sustainable management is provided.

Data exchange with banks - quick and easy

Your bank asks for your ESG data, for example for a credit application? No problem. 

Authorize your bank and it can easily access your ESG data. This saves you the time-consuming task of filling out of bank-specific questionnaires and forms.

Main advantages at a glance

Our clear ESG questionnaire makes it easy for you to compile your data and keep it up to date.

You decide with which banks you share your questionnaire. This way your selected banks get all the necessary ESG data they need from you.

A dashboard gives you a structured overview of your performance in the areas of environment, social and governance (ESG).

We work with the highest IT security standards. Only you decide who is allowed to see your data.

Companies use the OeKB > ESG Data Hub for free.

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The OeKB > ESG Data Hub for banks

The OeKB > ESG Data Hub solves a central problem banks face due to ESG regulations: access to structured, standardised and harmonised ESG data of their clients.