For international projects and investments involving Austrian exporters OeKB can offer access to attractive financing with flexible shopping lines. For this, we have various models that are primaryly based on the duration required and the Austrian added value. 

Your situation

You are a domestic or foreign bank, a large company or a foreign government looking for flexible credit with consistently attractive conditions for your business venture. In your investments, you use Austrian suppliers and buy goods or services from Austria.

Our service

We offer Austrian and foreign credit institutions flexible shopping lines for mid to long-term loans to customers abroad.

Thanks to our excellent ratings, we receive very favourable conditions on capital markets which we then pass on to you.

Several suppliers, a single loan

As a foreign business partner, this enables you to bundle deliveries from several Austrian manufacturers into one loan, meaning that you no longer have to go through the laborious process of negotiating and concluding individual loans for various purchases. The financing bank receives a policy and has a contact person at OeKB who takes care of the project.

While you have to make purchases from Austrian companies to be able to make use of the various shopping lines, you do not need to know exactly which companies you will be buying from in the planning phase. To find out more, contact our Client Advisory Export Services so we can help you optimise the structure of your project.

What shopping lines from OeKB can do for you

The shopping lines from OeKB are as flexible as the project demands. A few examples serve to illustrate the wide spectrum of possibilities:

  • A Brazilian corporation wishes to finance purchases from Austrian companies that have not yet been named.
  • Several Austrian companies want to offer the Columbian state-owned railway a delivery and credit package.
  • A bank knows that an Indonesian energy producer is interested in purchasing two Austrian firms, and could use a credit line to interest other Austrian suppliers.
  • The trade delegate in Nigeria learns of a large expansion programme in the waste-water sector and could offer the state or an international financial institution (IFI) co-financing.

In some cases, we also offer untied guarantee or credit lines. The prerequisite here is that the project serves the interests of the Austrian economy. If you would like to find out more about how this works in cases like these, please contact our experts
Rainer Dreo: +43 1 53127-2628,,
Carl de Colle: +43 1 53127-2926, or
Marc Amit Khanna: +43 1 53127-2640,

Your benefits

Up to 100% of the political and 95% of the commercial risk can be covered.

Thanks to the OeKB's excellent rating and the liability assumed by the Republic of Austria, we can offer you attractive conditions.

The credit lines that are refinanced by OeKB offer commercial banks and their customers the highest possible degree of flexibility.

Your path to financing from Austria: Talk to us!

If you are looking for attractive financing for a project that has a sufficiently high Austrian participation, then get us involved. Our Export Services specialists can give you comprehensive advice and create a tailored financing package for you that offers all the advantages of the Austrian export guarantee.

Contact us

Our specialists offer you and your Austrian partners straightforward support and would be happy to advise you.

Client Advisory Export Services
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Your bank as a partner

Ask your bank about credits with refinancing from OeKB.