The European Forum Alpbach is a trusted platform for discussing important issues of the future with our stakeholders. This year we will focus on the topic "Free trade – but safe!?" and whether free trade can enjoy sustainable success.


OeKB at the European Forum Alpbach 2019

This year again OeKB is partner of the European Forum Alpbach

Once again, the OeKB Group is a partner of the European Forum Alpbach. As part of a breakout session on the issue of "Free trade – but safe!?" OeKB discusses questions such as: Can free trade succeed in the long term? What are the positive and negative effects of free trade and what is going wrong in the international trading system? What is needed for fair, "inclusive" free trade? What are the economic risks of current trade conflicts?

OeKB as a strong partner for the economy – also in Alpbach

With our services we strengthen companies in international competition and contribute to Austria's position as an attractive business location. Our products and solutions are oriented towards our customers. It is important to us to support our customers with foresight and to provide a secure framework for their business and to provide impulses for healthy economic growth. Therefore, we are making an effective contribution to securing prosperity in Austria and creating prospects for the future.

The European Forum Alpbach is an ideal platform for identifying important issues of the future. Here we increasingly deal with the views of our stakeholders, work together to form a comprehensive picture of the various challenges and work out success or risk factors. The results will be incorporated into our strategic and operational work. Our goal is to develop ever better solutions – custom-made and on the pulse of global developments.

The European Forum Alpbach (EFA) is an interdisciplinary platform for science, politics, business and culture. Every August in the Tyrolean mountain village of Alpbach, participants from all over the world discuss current socio-political issues at the EFA. International leaders enter into a dialogue with an interested audience and young people across generations, ideologies and borders.

OeKB Breakout Session on Free trade and security

As a partner of the European Forum Alpbach we will organise a breakout session on the general topic of Liberty and Security on August 28, 2019.

After an introductory keynote, the positive and negative effects of free trade will be discussed in an interactive panel discussion with the audience. Participation is used to constructively contrast pros and cons of free trade, speak about current developments and identify best practice solutions.

A short description of the OeKB Breakout Session can be found under following link:

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We are currently working on the main questions for our session. In the following weeks we will publish information on our website. We will inform you as soon as the news is online. If you are interested, please send an e-mail to jutta.leitner@oekb.at.